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fka pretzelle; thescientist; girljeri
Hi, I'm Iman(i) and I hope all people who continue to support JKR in any form wake up. I'm 24 years old, tired, and I've been rping since I was like 12. 3rd pov, either detailed script or para. Straight and wlw pairings only; I'm rusty with but open to it. Never pwp, never (biological or legal). I'll avoid/leave any rp that allows it. I don't poke unless I've been asked to, I'll just assume we're done/I've been ghosted. No hard feelings ofc, I just don't waste my time waiting around for people. There's 18 muses so pls scroll ♡
Inc Rattanawijit.
Im Tae-un.
Jeon Gaeun.
Jin Se Yeon.
Jessica Alexander.
Winnie Zhong.
Yoon Bomi.
Tana Saengwanthong (minor).
Queen Luc.
Kate Kim.
Jenny Park (minor).
Kim Sua.
Sydney Park.
Nam Dareum.
Seo In Guk.
Jisoo Park.
Lee Dong Wook.
Gorn Wannapairote.