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Hello dear reader! My name is Christian, but please call me Chris. I'm a proud dad to a little boy. Yes, i said dad. i am a man. i will talk about periods and pain. i am a transgender man, not a weirdo trying to on people. i try not to make that my sole personality trait. This is just a warning to those who will freak out if they read that sort of thing. i like to draw in an anime style (with pen, pencil and paper not digital) and write stories. i have an account on asianfanfics.com where i post my fan fictions. I can give you the link if you like.

I do have issues with my attention span but I do not like the label ADHD or ADD. To me, that feels rude to the people who do have it. I also have issues with self-confidence, self worth and all that. It's beyond dirt low. Also, doesn't help that i have family that lives close by that makes it their favorite pastime to destroy any bit I manage to gain. However, that just makes things more fun for anyone I roleplay with cause it means that i know toxic families when i write it into our plots. i am biual and since i have a child i know how works. That may sound dumb to some of you, but that knowledge may make someone reading this making their day.
roleplaying preferences
When it comes to orientation i dont have too much of a preference. i can do all of them. some are a bit more limited than others. With and straight i can do top, bottom and switch. i prefer to top with straight plots if i play the man. if i play the woman i prefer more to switch than anything. For I typically end up playing a top but i prefer switch since i do get bored if I only top. I can bottom but i usually get forced into a top role. When it comes to yuri i'm trying to learn how to top but i tend to default to bottom.

When it comes to pov i really prefer third but i can do first pov. You must poke me if i don't respond within a reasonable amount of time. for me that can be a minimum of within mintues to a maximum of three to four hours. my son does need time to play with me and eat food after all. I do like if you roleplay a topic you know. It makes it more fun because then you become more into the plot we do. i also have a tendency to try to shake things up when roleplaying; by this  i mean i will make an ex come backk randomly if i feel like you might be getting bored. or maybe that toxic family i hinted at will suddenly appear or on a rare occassion limbs will be removed.
favorite genre, sub-genre and topics
When it comes to subject matter, I usually need an explicit content warning or trigger warning for my plots. I love darker plots although my anxiety makes it hard to go as dark as I use to. i've had too many on this site jump down my throat for things both ic & ooc. so unless admin reassures me or it's one on one with lots of reassurance, i tend to water down the characters i craft. I've done non-con & dub-con mostly as people really like those here lately as well as in the past. In fact, i have characters who make non-con their whole thing. I have a few characters that are focused on specific kinks or es.

I tend to do supernatural topics and various au topics but non-au has to be one on one. mafia/gang is a highly popular one. I've got like one or two characters that are more fluffy or safe for work plots. vampires and werewolves are the only supernatural characters outside of one mermaid character I've made for a roleplay that i got ignored in or was too shy to interact in.
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Fenrir's brood
I'm the main admin but still... I based it on norse mythology. I really would love if you could come and join me there. I want the place to get far enough along that we can have our first story event. it's not looking good though...
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