Personal Message

off. idk who's gonna read this but I wanna say thank you for the fun memories and I'm sorry for the bad ones. I'm sorry if I ever did any of you wrong or hurt you during this rping journey. sometimes lines were crossed and feelings are felt either in ic or ooc. people are still people behind the screen so I'm deeply sorry. if I ever have caused issues to you, please feel free to reach out as I don't like having conflicts with anyone. I'd love to resolve any of them with you. and I'm again sorry for my wrongdoings. I decided to stop rping cause I want to focus on real life and myself more but Imma keep this account as I have few friends in here that I still wanna keep in touch with. tc and I wish you well in life! 3rd dec '22. 


i lied. I'm back again lmao. 11th march '23.