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Welcome to my Profile~

 My name's lostintranslation.

 I don't particularly know what you want to know about me, nor do I care.

 You can post your advertisement's all you want, buuut

 I most likely won't join.

(Especially if Luhan isn't available)



About Me

About Me?

you want to know about me?

Really now?




Well I guess we could start off with the fact that I'm Canadian...

or the fact that I RP mainly as Luhan

and that I have my own RP's called Starlight Academy and Two Households Both Alike in Dignity which you should all join.


My OTP is Hunhan, it's really okay, don't be hatin.


I love seductive animal pictures and anyone on my rp's has learnt that from the seductive chicken on the wishlist page to the crazy announcements and iguanas in the ooc room.


I don't really know what you want from me, but I love K-pop and I could probably educate masses with my knowledge in it.


I have do have a tumblr if you want to check it out. The url is because I'm too lazy to link it right with it.


Other than that if you want to know something ask. I don't bite...usually.