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Pokemon Trainer Cheese

cheese | 1993.12.15 | 160cm | 68kg

Hi there! the name is Cheese! It is great to meet you!
I am a fan of English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean
music. I am attending school as a Computer Science
major. I am studying Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and
French. I love languages, and I love people. I like to
role-play on here, but I only use this account for my
admin role-plays and my layout shop. I will be co-
admin for any roleplay that you are looking for one
on, as long as I find the plot interesting. I love third
person, multi paragraph RPs, and I prefer working
with creative people. Feel free to advertise on my wall,
but expect an add back in return when I open my
role-plays. It's only fair, right?



U & I

lesbian | single | lover | since

Hello, there~! When I ever get in a relationship, this will be
filled with a message to my lover. 


Guardians (Admin) as EunKwang
Everlasting Story (Admin) as Ailee
The Pact (Admin) as Amber An
Colorful (Co-admin) as JiSu
Village of Tranquility (Co-admin) as YoungSaeng
Seven Clues (Co-admin) as Chen
The Planet Layout Shop (Admin) as Cheese