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Hello! I'm stationary or what my friends like to call me, station. Thank you for visiting my wall. First of all, I prefer au roleplay more than nonau roleplay but I do join some nonau roleplays — it depends on their premises. My muse is Chanyeol from EXO. I think I can bring his character to life in both au roleplay and nonau roleplay. Or well, maybe, I just pick on his joyful character because he is my idol and I look up to him very much. My timezone is GMT+8 but I am online during odd hours from time to time. I prefer private roleplay more than PM roleplay so, if you have a plot in mind and would like to roleplay with me, do PM me.
Here are some RPs I am active at — most of them are places where I am in the admin team. So you guys can check it out! I'll be happy to see you there. As an admin: 1 — picnic nonau (a place where we would like to call home and welcome you as such. We want to make this place your home so you can come online for hugs and kisses, or maybe have a joyful event with the family members. I swear, everyone here is sweet but if anything happens, PM me so I can help you. 2 — mischief managed aurp (it is time for us potterheads to rejoice! I have created this rp alongside peekaboo and AshFlower so that everyone can experience being a student. Hopefully, we can expand the world into the actual wizarding world, but it's still in the work. Do come and check us out if you're interested!). 3 — spirals aurp (I need to get back into this roleplay. I feel like I'm neglecting it and it has a good premise, but hopefully the other admins would be back so we can push forth with brimming ideas and fun events). A normal roleplayer: 1 — a new game aurp ( only but this roleplay has a fantastic mechanic. You are a player, and you need to escape — what better way to do so by levelling up and earn skills and abilities. Earn and lose your golds to strengthen your player and maybe find love in the middle of it). 2 — souls of Olympus (erigom's roleplay and I love the idea of this, but my Hades is too sweet even to be called as the god of the underworld. I am trying.