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that about bit that you probably never wanted to know — 

I'm Clarissa, or Risa, and obviously a Cassie, if the profile is anything to go by. I love all our KPOP babys though, close second is B.A.P and I'm so proud of them for working as hard as they have. 

My ultimate bias is Jaejoong, my OTP is YunJae. BUT the chances are, I won't roleplay it with you - It's reserved for someone very special to me, and as it's a special ship to me, I think that's only fair.

As everyone, I hate oneliners. I will not reply. I mainly do plot only to avoid those god-awful copy-paste starters and I far prefer third, as the quality tends to be higher.

I'm a slow roleplayer, if this bothers you... probably best not to talk to me. There are times when I juggle more than one job or two jobs on top of being a student, depending. Bills have to be paid, girlfriend need to be fed and loved. Roleplaying is a hobby, not a life-bound contract.But I'm very friendly. You're welcome to post to me and poke me, I take it well. Actually I like it. 

I draw more than I write, I drink tea as if it were water (more actually...) and if I'm angry with you it's the easiest, fastest way to calm me down. Tea. Tea or .... My kinks list is easier to explain with everything other than faeces, urine and vomit. Anything else, GODDAMN GIMME.

If you have a ship, I probably ship it. I ship everything. Actually, I probably have JGV gifs of it. If you're interested in roleplaying with me, just ask. I bite but you'll like it. And I can fluff like no man's business. But my favourite characters are always my messed up babies, seeing just how far I can push them.


★ the many many roleplays i active on at the moment

None right now due to final year of university, I am semi active on a few though. Ask for details.


My nearest and dearest, the ones that make my day brighter, even if through tears —