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Regarding roleplay matters, I like to join alternate-universe ones. It allows you to add in more creativity. Second, I roleplay in first. But it's detailed and creative. Better if it's semi-para or script style too. I don't do full para though, I'm too lazy for that . Timezone is GMT +8. I loathe one-liners, end of story. I usually join as a guy, depends on the type of roleplay I join. Also, I like to join roleplays the most but I do straights too. Lastly, with my character's feelings and I'll rip your throat off. And that's just about it.



So yeah, hey there errbody. Don't mind the tone on my 'roleplay talk', I'm not that uhh... what, cold? Orz, some people here just need some heads up. Anyways, you can call me Sha and yeah that's my real nickname. I may sound... cold and so mature at first but... lol no. Not at all. I tend to be bubbly and talkative. I said I usually roleplay as a guy, right? But don't get me wrong, I'm a girl and I'm as straight as ever. I dunno, I just think I roleplay better as one. OTL. Plus, excessive aegyo annoys the hell out of me and I've had enough of clingy people. So if that's the case then I might just not talk to you.

I live in the Philippines and I'm a proud Filipina. I am a YG stan but I'm a hardcore blackjack (2NE1). Among male groups, I'm in love with B.A.P. and am also a hardcore baby. I also love BIGBANG and EXO. I don't have much fandom, I only consider myself as a blackjack and a baby. Try to bash them in my face and you're gonna have some to deal with.

And I don't swear, I swear.



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