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" you've got that w o w t h i n g and I couldnt ask for anything more p l e a s i n g. "

" the one thing we all want to hear; x xxxx xxx. but from whomst doth our ears wish to hear from?"

☆ a star was born the second our eyes met ☆


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meng jia // eomma 26 seconds ago Reply
PuDDin and HEr FrEAking cHARas are PRecIOus
kim taehyung. 23 seconds ago Reply 
sMaCcS tHE pUddIN tO hEr cRIb
kim wonpil. 8 seconds ago Reply 
proteccs puddin
park jisung. 1 minute ago Reply 

sleep well baby puddin
jackson wang. 3 seconds ago Reply 

I'm puddinual
roOkie yangyang. 5 seconds ago Reply 
song yuqi. [A]20:55:48Reply
jackson wang. 3 seconds ago Reply
I'm puddinual


UWU amen

meng jia. 1 minute ago Reply 
jackson wang. 8 seconds ago Reply
I'm puddinual


roOkie yangyang. 21 seconds ago Reply 
Puddin is my child
chae hyungwon 1 minute ago Reply
p p puddin
meng jia 31 minutes ago Reply
is all your charas d8ing someone? i mean who wouldn't tbh? ;)
kim jisoo 13 seconds ago Reply
Everywhere puddin goes I follow
kim yongsun 7 seconds ago Reply
Lmao puddin
meng jia 9 seconds ago Reply
CheriBomb 1 minute ago Reply Replies 
this girl's my literal baby sOMEONE HE LP
im nayeon 35 seconds ago Reply
puddins momo is my fav momo too
andrew velasquez 9 seconds ago Reply
kim hwiyoung。 51 seconds ago Reply
Puddin was one of my first loves here
kim hwiyoung。 21 seconds ago Reply
Used to be

Long time ago... Puddin
do kyungsoo。 1 minute ago Reply
i love u puddin
kim hwiyoung。 45 seconds ago Reply
Momo, my puddin
meng jia. [A] 6 seconds ago Reply 
min yoongi [A] 57 seconds ago Reply
Actually puddin's jimins aren't soff
kim taehyung 1 second ago Reply
not even my keyboard allow me to praise

ardenjin 36 seconds ago 

BlasFemme Sep 5, 2018 0:13:36 Reply History 
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"

"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"

"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"
"p r i n c e s s , m a r r y m e ? oof ♡ ;;;;;u;;;;;"

qu i ck where's a pope wE NEED THIS TO B E FINALIZED

im nayeon 13 seconds ago Reply
y y yuqi is too adorable
song yuqi 4 minutes ago Reply 
cho kyuhyun 17 seconds ago Reply
song yuqi 4 seconds ago Reply
cho kyuhyun 9 seconds ago Reply
song yuqi11:08:49 PMReply
cho kyuhyun 1 minute ago Reply
Hit me with a baseball bat and put me to sleep

lemme one-up you.
run me over with a truck and put me to sleep

Let me one-up you.
Attach me to a building getting demolished and smack the wrecking ball onto me and put me to sleep

lemme one-up you.
strap me into a chair and dangle me over a pit of lava til the heat melts off my face and puts me to sleep.

Let me one-up you.
Strap me onto the cockpit of a rocket and shoot is straight into the sun and put me to sleep.

Lemme one-up you.
Let me get caught sneaking out at night and my mother smaccs me with a chancla and put me to sleep

cho kyuhyun 4 minutes ago Reply
Holy I'm laughing
bang chan 4 minutes ago Reply
im wheezing at the long post
cho kyuhyun 4 minutes ago Reply
You have ultimately one-upped me.
cho kyuhyun 4 minutes ago Reply
Yuqi, I'mma ing leave it at that, that 's gold
jennie kim 4 seconds ago Reply 
man I fr lOve pUddiN
joshua kiszka [A] 1 minute ago Reply
everybody's rp deserves a sweet amount of puddin, and I honestly feel blessed because we've been in so many rp's together. ah. < 3
joshua kiszka [A] 28 seconds ago Reply
You're naturally soft, puddin bb, so consider I having just made you e x t r a soft. That said, you just became twice as adorable. < 3
jung daehyun 3 minutes ago Reply
You're my sugar bear
Sheroic [A] 2 minutes ago
son naeun。 51 seconds ago Reply
son chaeyoung。 [A]12:04:37 PMReply
un。8:04:15 PMReply
puddin is everywhere i swear

but she’s always loved <3

She is <3

yoo cнangнyυn。 51 seconds ago Reply
Bang Yongguk4:58:40 PMReply
forever loving puddin

вang yonggυĸ。 22 seconds ago Reply
Puddin was and will always be the cutest. Sorry girls
jung daehyun. 8 minutes ago Reply 
People who roast dae
1. Gay
2. Sehun
3. Jen
4. Puddin

5. And the new one pang

oh sehun. 3 minutes ago Reply 
Bc like nugu yooa 
nugu jimin 
nugu momo
only know puddin

jeon jungkook [A] 36 seconds ago Reply
puddin got me into pubg
ᴋɪᴍ ᴄʜᴜɴɢʜᴀ [A] 1 minute ago Reply
hwang yeji 9 seconds ago Reply
Who is not a trash to puddin tbh
kim nahee. 12 seconds ago Reply
puddin and yxgurt
park chanyeol 1 minute ago Reply
i just remember i was in a place with a bird and puddle and it was hilarious
choi san. [A] 1 minute ago Reply
bc puddin is a sweetheart
lalisa manoban. 22 seconds ago Reply
Rosie is my...Puddin c:
kim minjun. 11 seconds ago Reply 
i would love any puddin tbh
yxgurt 7 hours ago Reply Replies All 

kím hσngjσσng 1 minute ago Reply

Puddin senpai ♡

чσσn jєσnghαn [A] 1 minute ago Reply

pαrk jímín 17 seconds ago Reply 
cushion for ya pushin

make way for the puddin

im nayeon [A] 13 seconds ago Reply
rose is my ideal type of man
kim jungeun ʳᵒᶜᵏ 1 minute ago Reply
she's still adorable
wong yukhei ᵘᵐ 2 minutes ago Reply
when rose used to be so adorable

park seonghwa. 10 seconds ago Reply

Pudds was one of my first girlfriends

park seonghwa. 1 minute ago Reply

Melts seeing pudds

jung jaehyun. 32 seconds ago Reply

pudds is that special lady, no matter how many years passed we are still crackyhead for each other

jung jaehyun. 2 minutes ago Reply

no worries pudds, we have just a special relationship no one can understand

myoui mina.12:07:03 AMReply

seulpuddin you are adorable