About Me

Hello! You can call me Lalice! Nice to meet you :)) I'm open to meeting new people here and would love to be anyone's friend. Let me shower you with love boo <3 




I'm the chillest person to rp with but I do take rp-ing seriously and always give my best in replying to my rp partners. The important thing is to have fun when rp-ing with me :) I am open to any genres excluding some like horror and etc. I usually love plotting together and open to any opinions and ideas. I welcome Pmrp so just hit me up! I can also do Kakaotalk. I usually don't ghost people. If I feel I can't roleplay my character well and don't feel satisfied, I will certainly tell you anything because i want both sides to have fun with each other :)) 


If I do ghost you, please poke me! I might forget to reply or something :(( 



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