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a mermaid's tale;
For centuries, mermaids have occupied the vast blue oceans, swimming freely amongst others of their kind; however, the world of the sea was a mystery to the beings on land. Hundreds of legends circulated amongst the humans about these strange half-human half-fish creatures. But who was to know the truth of who or what these so-called 'mermaids' are?
Right from birth, mermaids are presented with a unique pearl of their own. Though each pearl may seem different, it has been said that it is only one half of a pair. But none of the mermaids had ever figured out where the matching pearl lies, none ever finding their true other half. The mermaids spend their lives in pursuit of finding the missing match of each said pair. The only problem was that the match was not amongst another of their kind, but up above the surface of the waters─on land, where a human has the matching pearl. No one dared to go above the surface of the sea, scared of what may be lurking on the other side. Legend says that the two with the same pearl are destined to be together. But what would happen if they don't fall in love with their soulmate?
It wasn't until a certain mermaid by the name of Pearl ventured out into the world in search of answers to these mysteries. Up until then, mermaids didn't know the existence of the other half of their pearl's match. Pearl was different from the other mermaids, wanting to look more into the reasoning behind the existence of these pearls they are born with. And so begins our story of the little mermaid that changed the lives of the future of the merpeople...
"By my sixteenth birthday, it was time I went to search for my fated partner, the one who possesses my pearl's match. It wasn't the easiest of tasks, coming across many obstacles in my way; however, it was an adventure no less, and all the seafolk know of my passion for such. I spent the next two years in pursuit of this mysterious partner of mine, but to no avail; my destined other was no where to be seen. I searched high and low for my matching pearl, but never have I even seen anything that looked similar to it. It seemed as though the tales of a pair of pearls was just a myth, along with so many others stories I've been told since I was just a mere baby.
It was nearing my nineteenth birthday when I finally decided that if I couldn't find my significant other in the ocean, he must be one of the humans. It was a risky conclusion, but it was worth a shot.
Nothing gave me so much pleasure as to hear stories about the world above the ocean. Along with these beautiful stories comes a great warning that humans are danger to our kind. Our ancestors say that humans are savagely violent against the mermaids, some believed in this and some didn’t.
From a vague memory of an old grandmother comes a great tale, in order to see the surface of the water one must collect ten crystal pearls in exchange for a pair of legs. It was not easy finding the old grandmother who could help me fulfil this wish. Many nights and many days were spent searching for this said great lady and many obstacles were tackled. What I didn’t know was, in the process of this I was already collecting pearls. And little did I know, I was presented with a pearl necklace which gave me legs in order to walk on the other world.
But the happiness didn’t end there, there really is not such thing as forever because when it reaches sun set, the power of the pearl necklace becomes useless and my temporary legs turn back into a scaly tail.
During my journey in finding the human who possesses my pearl’s match, another obstacle awaited me. I fell in love with a human who was not destined for me, a human who does not have the same pearl as mine in his possession, I thought my life was settled then, that my heart was set to live in the human world with my one and only. My legs became permanent and I was never able to cross the ocean into the other world again; however, there was one exception and that only during a full moon can I return back to the waters."
search for the missing pearl;



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MaleWifey 2 years ago
lavenders 11 hours ago Reply All
i miss this place
lavenders 2 years ago
i miss this place
xicewolf 2 years ago
I miss this place too. Oh my gosh my confessions are still in the confession room from when I was here as Chinhwa. I think I'm gonna start crying-
Yukiko 2 years ago
i miss this rp ;;

i hope there will be a revamp soon cos i loved to play as selena the mermaid TT
psychologist 2 years ago
w hat . the f uc k i miss this so much --- reminiscing on the days of being yifan and everyone's uncle
-- amir/uncle fan
CheshireCatChen 3 years ago
I miss thiiiiiis *^*
lulubutt 4 years ago
I had tons of fun here, you should revamp bb
dope-- 4 years ago
dahye left. ;; sorry baby. i was never active tbh. u n u i miss you though < 3
-rseptto- 4 years ago
Seolhyun left. I really want to be in this rp but it's too dead and most of them haven't rped in months. I will probably join back if it's active. I'm sorry. I really am.
Black_PearlGirl12 4 years ago
Add + reserve Girl Day's Bang Minah please!
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