Hap-pines-s in a Box ─ an exo + twins only roleplay. masterlist has been cleared!

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Hap-pines-s in a box
byun baekhyun


A mansion located in the middle of town had been renting rooms out. It just so happens that twelve men, along with their twins have come to live in said mansion. There's more than enough space to accommodate these twenty-four men. Living with each other, each have come to make friends with some, maybe even lovers, and possibly enemies with others. However, there is a local adoption center down the block from this mansion. At the adoption center, these twenty four young men can go to adopt a child of their own then bring the small bundle of joy back to the mansion.


one. No ooc drama whatsoever. No bashing. Respect one another. Admins reserve the rights to remove you from the roleplay if caught in violation of this rule.
two. In character drama is acceptable, but please keep it to a minimum. We don't want a drama filled roleplay.
three. Favorite the roleplay before or after applying. pw is your top exo otp. Comment after applying or you won't get accepted.
four. You may change your character's name if you please, but make sure others can differentiate the twins. Relationships between twins is allowed.
five This is an alternate universe. You are not idols. Twins and babies are allowed.
six. Inactivity period is 14 days. Let us know if you need a hiatus. One warning before you get removed. When leaving, comment or you get reaccepted.
seven. No , no pregnancy. is very much welcomed, as long as you keep it to walls or m rated rooms. only. Exo only. First or third pov. Marriage is allowed, but can only happen after a relationship has been formed longer than a month ooc time.
eight. AdultxBaby relationship is not allowed. Babies are actually babies and we don't want any ia going on, thank you.


Twins ARE blood related to each other so you should know/get to know your twin. Babies are in no way related to the adults; they cannot talk to the adults unless approached first, seeing how they are at the orphanage and not at the mansion like the adults are.

"Let's love."






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