*~The Wolves of Full Moon Hill~*

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Full Moon Hill is a giant hill in the valley of tall grass, lots of wolves inhabit there but lots still wander in the forest that surrounds the valley. It is truely a fantastic place to live but not all wolves are friendly enough to share it. Some claim land and refuse to give others a chance. It was sopposed to be a peaceful place, but not all of our wishes come true. Tnis land consists of four main areas: The Outback, The forest, The Valley and The Full Moon Hill. The Outback is a big, barren wasteland were not many stay becasue of lack of food and water. The forest is filled with lots of wonder, ponds, trees other animals truely opposite of the Outback. The valley is like the forest but lot many trees but lots of water and animals. The Full Moon Hill is a place where many wolves howl at the full moon and there is no water or trees on it. 


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a-la-moona 1 year ago
This sounds lit. Where do I sign
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