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Eclipse Layouts

version: 4.0 | established 2014


the king of mages



Welcome to Eclipse Layouts! A layout gallery that provides free layouts for everyone to use. There may be a few layouts unavailable for public use, but i will always say which one is and isn't available for public use. Eclipse Layouts provides profile layouts and occasionally roleplay layouts. Updates will be sparse according to my creative muse and spare time. If anyone would like to do a collaboration with me, please let me know in the comments or personal message me. My layouts will change themes according to what I am most into at the moment.


the king of heroes



001 // If using one of the layouts provded here, please remember to leave a favorite!

002 // Please comment which layout you will be using.

003 // Do not use any of the layouts as a base code, and leave the credit untouched.

004 // Tweaking the layouts is completely fine, but be careful as you might accidentally mess up the code.

005 // If you have any inquires or comments about any layouts, or if you are having trouble with a layout, please let me know!

006 // Disclaimer: Credits to respective owners for all images/gifs used 

007 // Hopefully you enjoy the layouts provided here

the king of knights

Arthur (Prototype)

Updates // Collaborations

240814 // Established
160816 // First Revamp
250117 // Temporarily Closed
030917// Reopening & Revamp
090917// Featured as Top Upvoted Roleplay of the week
09 - 0718// Sparse Updates
071418 // Revamp


username // date started // date finished 
username // date started // date finished 
username // date started // date finished 
  username // date started // date finished   

the king of kings



There are many wonderful coders there that I get inspired from!

✭ pixels
✭ sparklygayassglitter
✭ ahjussi
✭ asterial
✭ OptimusPrime
✭ realllllmino
✭ yxgurt
✭ rose-quartz
✭ minswoon [kanpeki]
✭ pizzaisdope
✭ psychologist
✭ oisiveté
✭ venirose
✭ vanilla
✭ name

Devil King of the Sixth Heaven

Oda Nobunaga

R o y a l t y


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rogue_knight 1 year ago
Using fall « die » .
Thank you.
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Using Eevee.
Thank you!
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using phantomhive, bbu ♡
Mama-Gackt-the-Diva 1 year ago
And phantomhive
Mama-Gackt-the-Diva 1 year ago
Using fall die thanks
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Using white dragon, thanks!
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using fall « die » ty!
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using eevee ~~ thank you!!
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using kimi no na wa's rooms!
Thank you.
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