Decomposing Memories

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In a city full of dead civilization and memories, you will face a new beginning along with a couple of strangers. 

People call it the Error, as the biggest power plant exploded, causing deaths, injuries, and mutations; not only that but a virus was spread as fast as a wildfire. And after that, natural disasters. The world was about to end.

Yet the definition of world was the people. There are still survivors around the world. That could be you. 

A very stable shelter was located in a small town that could survive the natural disasters and could block the virus from entering.

Be there before your hope fades.


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Ysabel_Yu 5 years ago
Account Name: Ysabel_Yu
Character's Name: Faith Owen
Short Description about Appearance: High cheekbones, striking grey eyes, shoulder-length hair (usually braided), thin lips, petite, and bony features
Outfit of the Character:Loose fitting shirts (plain black or white), tight black jeans, combat boots,and backpack
Biography: An orphan since birth, left abused in the wild. Committed crimes that were notorious enough to lead her to a mental institute but escaped at the age of 14. Currently 18 years of age. mindset on being an independent individual, skilled at manipulating minds and emotions, as well as handling a firearm.
Never_Cared19 [A] 5 years ago
Account Name: Never_Cared19
Character's Name: Reece Nightingale
Appearance: Puffy blue eyes; thin lips, pale skin, and blond hair.
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