★❝Lucid  Dreams  Entertainment。❞★》new&Open;!》Come and Reserve your characters while you can♥

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Lucid Dreams Roleplay
About Lucid Dreams Ent.
Welcome to Lucid Dreams ENT. Here at Lucid Dreams we are one of this best, rather it's our clever lyrics, stunning choreography, or amazing music videos we always try our best just like everyone else. We always try to different concepts and different styles of music because who wants to hear the same boring sound or lyrics all the time, right? We also take care of artist and make sure they get the treatment they need. No over worked schedule or anything like that. If your sick, hurt, or tired we will always take notice to make sure you get the rest you need. 
Wanna be one of our new artist? We are always looking for new trainees rather if it's dancers, rappers, singers, managers, or even producers we will take you right in. Wanna be a part of the family? Then come right in to Lucid Dreams ENT. and see what your future is.
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011/08/2014 - Lucid Dreams ENT. Is finally open and greeting everyone with open arms♥
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---honeydew 2 years ago
Can you add and reserve Jung Soo Jung/Krystal for me?
freaknastae 2 years ago
Please add and reserve Daehyun for me, thanks. o/
thehunandtheaegyo 2 years ago
can you reserve sehun?
thank you! o/
mus1c_soul 2 years ago
Can you reserve Clara Lee for me?
mus1c_soul 2 years ago
I wanna join!! :) not sure who I wanna be though.
unconventional 2 years ago
Hey! Can you add/reserve Zhang Yixing?
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