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about us
All throughout Asia during the  early 1900's Geishas were a symbol of beauty. They were a walking art with many skills to show,but never a seller of their bodies. Learning the skills of conversation,dance,games,and classical music made them the perfect hostesses; sometimes they learned within a short period of time or even years so they can make their debut. But this beauty is gone,we're like prehistoric ghosts in modern time. Tales say in the mountains of Korea there's a huge Geisha school for girls and they have never gotten a glance of the city. But until now,what happens when the past collides with modern time?
1. Make sure to favorite before doing anything 2. Also make sure to read the description,it will help you understand the concept 3. Descriptive dual pov 4.OOC drama is an instant boot but IC drama is welcome 5. Sorry but this rp is straight only 6. For girls you have a choice to be a Geisha,Instructor,or city girl 7. While filling out the app if you're accosiated with Geisha business look at the announcement 8. If there's any questions,go to one of the admins
Geisha application    

Geisha Instructor app   name:                
skill you're willing to teach:                        

City People application name:                

(please state what you are applying in the application form.)
〈 rules
how to join 〉
our admins
Bang Minah
Oh Sehun
Choi Sulli
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freaknastae 5 years ago
Lost muse so Taehyung left, thanks for having me though.
fxckbwoy 5 years ago
Jongin left. Thanks for having me!
berry_booty 5 years ago
Minah left.
Jesszie_ 5 years ago
sehun left.
nemoli 5 years ago
hanbin left
sorry but wasn't active
freaknastae 5 years ago
Please add and reserve Taehyung for me, thanks. o/
acuteassmess 5 years ago
Sowrie, Nana left..
youngksgirl 5 years ago
please add & reserve
a-pink's yoon bomi. o/
kessjxng 5 years ago
please add and reserve park kyungri as a geisha c:
spacedaddy 5 years ago
sorry i haven't been active here nor have been here for long
but hyeri left..sorry again...
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