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Hey there and welcome to Catnip Addiction! So you're wondering what we're all about, right? To start off, our wonderful care center has many adorable little kittens just waiting for someone to take them home! Each and every one of them deserve to have a nice place to live, not that we don't want them here with us. These kittens are no ordinary kittens; they are special hybrids that can shift between their full cat form and their human form, but still keep both their ears and tail. These kittens have been taken in by Chanyeol, the owner of the Catnip Addiction center. The whole operation had been brought up a few years after he had started living with his own kitten, Baekhyun. The two wanted for all the other kittens to be able to find a caring owner and a place to call their home. No, these kittens are not caged up like wild animals; they are free to roam around as they please.
001. favorite the roleplay. upvote is optional~ 002. only so no girls allowed, sorrynotsorry. 003. this is an alternative universe; you aren't idols here. 004. obviously: no bashing, no drama, no . respect others if you also wish to be respected. if admins see anyone disobeying this rule, they will not hesitate to kick you out. 005. comment for your desired character. 006. both first and third pov are allowed, but please take other's preferences into consideration. 007. pxsswxrd is your favorite color. 008. please try to be active in rooms, that would be very much appreciated. 009. two characters are allowed, but you are only allowed one as a kitten. having two master characters is okay. 010. kittens refer to their owner as either "master" or "daddy" depending on how they would like to be addressed. 011. all relationships are allowed (kittenxowner, kittenxkitten, ownerxowner). however, kittenxowner are preferred. 012. owners, if you plan to adopt a kitten, you must have their consent before posting in the "adopt" room. adopting does not equate to being in a relationship. 013. is allowed in marked rooms and on walls. marriage and pregnancy are allowed (please make sure your rp partner is okay with mpreg first before proceeding). 014. if going on hiatus, comment below. comment again when coming back. inactivity doesn't show until after 14 days.
001. comment for your desired character's full name or apply for one of the existing characters (i.e: kitten/master) in the masterlist. 002. favorite the roleplay. 003. apply with the proper application:

NAME (full name)
GROUP (group/ulzzang/model/actor)
AGE (masters/owners: 21+ // kittens: 17-20)
POSITION (owner or kitten)
TOP OR BOTTOM (or switch)
LOCATION (for kittens: do you live at the care center or on the streets?)
OCCUPATION (for masters)
BIO (tell us a little bit about your character; doesn't have to be too detailed. if kitten, give us a backstory of how you managed to get here - were you abandoned or disowned? etc.)
PREFERRED POV (ex. detailed first or third or both)
PASSWORD (look for it)

004. after submitting, comment that you applied. 005. put up a profile picture as soon as possible. part of your app will be pasted in your profile as a temporary one until you spruce it up. 006. go say hi to people! don't be loners and wait for people to come to you! ♥


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