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KLIMAX. A new girl group that just debuted and is already very popular. But no, that's not the main point.The main point is that KLIMAX were the ones who finally persuaded the K-pop Industry that idols can date freely. No dating prohibition. Come and join this roleplay now! You can date freely and join shows that can boost your fame!

KLIMAX is just a group that we created. This roleplay is not just about dating, it's about joining reality shows and making new friends too!

for now, we will only have weekly idol just to see if it'll work out, thank you!
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woman just join da roleplay, come on
we'll love you for lyfe /rolls you in

01. opened on 12.12.2014
02. reopened on 24.01.2015
03. on hiatus from 15.06.2015
04. closed
05. -

w i s h l i s t
hayoung | jr.
bom | gd, top
naeun | jeongmin
wendy | jimin, jb, jonghyun
seulgijr., hyuk, minhyuk
bobby | lee hi



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lemonscoffee 1 year ago
i see travvie too wtf why did i not know
TheKingSlayer 1 year ago
can R+a Jimin
babypotato 3 years ago
add lime pease? ; u ;
K-Pop_lover0416 3 years ago
I applied as CL
KimKyeongMi 3 years ago
Kemy left....
acuteassmess 3 years ago
Sowrie, Suzy left ~
IrkenInvaderMilk 3 years ago
Amber's leaving. sorry.
IrkenInvaderMilk 3 years ago
Amber is going on haitus.
Puccini 3 years ago
jinwoo left~
BooJae- 3 years ago
Eunhee left
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