⚜ Stupid in Love - Open & We're still stupidly active- WANTED: active humans. JUST A NORMAL DAY TO LOVE ❤

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"everyone is stupid when they're in love..."




Welcome to Stupid in Love roleplay. We're practically have been around since 2015 and we keep on revamping and changing hands of admin. This place has been a home to some of us. In SIL, we believe that people get stupid when they're in love. They do stupid things and we want everyone to be stupid here. 

Stupid in love also means the love for your members and family. You don't need to worry because as long as you're here, friends and family will be stupid for you and they will make you happy. 

Join us and explore this new meaning of love with us. Be apart of our family and let's be stupid together. 

This is nonau where you guys are idols and be careful with your crack. People should roleplay like we used to. 


01. Favourite is a must and upvotes are loved. 

02. No facechase or any kind of chase. Be nice to everyone and don't be rude. 

03. No OOC drama. Plot something if you want some amazing IC drama with the rpers. 

04. 1 week dating ban. Get to know other people too. Marriage after 2 months of relationship to avoid any unwanted situation. 

05. 3 characters max. Second character after gaining 500 points and third character is 500 points from the second character. (we need this place to be alive)

06.  allowed in rated rooms, walls and pm. NO underaged . Keep them pure and innocent. 

07. pw: Your favourite love song. 

08. Inform the admin if you're leaving or going on a hiatus/Semi hiatus. 


'shift+enter' and c&p for more


Application Form:

Full Name:


LEO ㅡ MINA ㅡ name ㅡ name




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twentysvt 2 days ago
jeonghan's leaving-- sorry for hogging the character.
jungkookiexnochu 2 months ago
minhyuk d ipped-
p.s. s truggling with the letter "p", h ad to use alt code- hehe- bye
Kyutaro 2 months ago
Hyeri has to go on SH.
I'll be in another country so wifi is meh shmeh
whddls 3 months ago
jongin is leaving, thank you
phantomwolff 3 months ago
fei is leaving!, thank you for memories!
-dulcet 3 months ago
please add and reserve jang chommi
smolbin 3 months ago
I think Wooyoung will be taking his leave. Thank you for bearing with my not so active . I just couldn't find the muse I guess..
Kkaebsong-- 3 months ago
Can we apply for someone who's inactive?
whddls 3 months ago
exo's kai please!
phantomwolff 3 months ago
Miss A's Fei please
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