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                         sail away
                               with the wind

▼ Welcome to silvatica wn RP

The Emperors' holy lineages have reigned over the country's 6 regions since the beginning of time. To outsiders the country may come across as peaceful, happy even. Though Silvatica is the exact opposite: crime rate rose as more people got fed up with oppression; the pirates grew more, the bandits recruited more, and the country has been washed in blood since then. The Marine and the Imperial Army, led by the monarchy, have been fighting to put down and slaughter all who speak out against them, leaving the pirates and bandits angrier than before. If you don't pick a side, there's no saying how quick you''ll die in this country.

▼ Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me


Park Hyungseokthumb2-200x200-lee-jong-suk-4500,1706201JUNG JESSICACHA HAKYEONPV820-Crown-drift-king.png

▼ Current Events


October 2015: ACTIVITY CHECK

July 2015: New Layout and rooms!

March 2015: First opened


R U L E S 

   (this might help you out!)

Current Population:  23


5 Pirates + 1 mermaid
2 Commoner

the ROYALS reign this place


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Jarzus 4 years ago
I miss this place ; v ;
BubblegumWitch 5 years ago
Can I join here?
c3d87639ae30fa03c05b 5 years ago
jieqiong left, loves. ; u ;
c3d87639ae30fa03c05b 5 years ago
ayyyy i'd love to join this place.
bamstastic 5 years ago
is this place still open?
0894cf9d84a8161701ca [A] 5 years ago
hey guys I'm very sorry but Lee Hanui left, thank you for having me but my health is too poor to continue. I wish you all the best ♥
erinyes 6 years ago
hello, may i reserve ahn hyejin? c:
serpents 6 years ago
Hi!! Could you please put woobwoob in hiatus until august 27th? :3
LaysChips 6 years ago
you guys can take off the [H] for both tzuyu and soonyoung now-- sorry for being inactive by the way-- ouo;;
piglettt 6 years ago
somi in hiatus, please. life decided to hit hard.
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