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here at new thang we like to keep things simple: this is a non au roleplay for only, where all pov's are welcome and life is sweet. this is a place for you to live out the life or love you have always wanted to happen so feel free to drop by and check us out! if you want to join just comment below with your idol and which group they belong to!


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akedelinquent 3 years ago
I've rose from the dead- sorry for being
inactive, I lost my muse tbhh but Taehyung
left. I'm sorry. It was fun o/
difficultcheese 3 years ago
Seungri left
CallMeCaptin 3 years ago
Kyungsoo left.. Sorry
RedNightingale 3 years ago
Hey I know I just came back from hiatus but rl is a for me right now and I have to drop a few of my characters sadly... So I guess Luhan will be leaving sorry :'(
RedNightingale 3 years ago
Luhan needs to go on a weeks Hiatus I'm really sorry, I have some stuff going on right now ;_;
exotic88 3 years ago
I would really really miss it here <3
--startanew 3 years ago
jin left. thanks for having me. sorry pals ;;
tenshi- 3 years ago
sorry but rap monster is leaving
dope-- 3 years ago
sorry, but jonghyun left. ;;
dattebayo 4 years ago
taeyang left
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