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Who are you? What are you doing? Where are you from? Why are you here?

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Society says we have to act a like this, talk like, be like this, looking like this, but guess what... none of us are like that.We are who we are. We are different. And we are tired of hiding or trying to be what Society says we have to be. So we are breaking free, changing the rule! We will be who we are and not just what they want. So why don't you come join our Society, where you can be who you want to be!

TITLE. — Our Society 
HEAD ADMIN. — MrsWangKong AKA --
GENRE. — City themes, au, yuristriaght, 3rd and 1st! 
CHARACTERS. — create your own charas
ESTABLISHED. — 4/25/15
Hello darlings, thanks for reading up on my new rp. So I wanted a place where everyone could creat the charater they wanted. Without having to follow a set of rules. Here you can be anything you want. A Doctor, a killer, a  spy, if you wanted. Its all up to you! Before you keep going I want to you know these things, you are require to make a background for your charater, and a few things like that. We are also mostly 3rd pov based, however very detailed first is welcomed! We don't accept oneliners here because those . :)



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-BabyElf_Fan 5 years ago
Sorry but benji is leaving
Im getting to busy and wont be on as much
It was fun ^^ im sorry to everyone i was rping with :(
-BabyElf_Fan 5 years ago
Can you add benji from b.i.g please? ^^
miutones 5 years ago
do you allow internationals?
Peach_happy 5 years ago
Can you add youngji pls
a5d4909c47583f815278 5 years ago
Sorry but Jun Jihyun left.
a5d4909c47583f815278 5 years ago
Can you guys please put the profile layout on my profile?
a5d4909c47583f815278 5 years ago
Applied as Jun Jihyun.
a5d4909c47583f815278 5 years ago
Add Jun Jihyun for me please.
sonathea 5 years ago
May I reserve SHINee's Taemin please?
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