「Mine & mine only 。 - - - new&opened; hybridau; ! ☞ aceepting reservations and applications 。 Owners highly wanted to balance out the number 。」

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ABOUT + application hello and welcome!

You're mine and mine only. I own you and only you. I'll love you till the end.

Welcome to the mansion. A special place filled with kittens of your choosing. Different varieties to choose from. Anything can happen during your first stay here and this place is always full of surprises so who knows what can go down? If you want to know what awaits for you here then why not join? It'll surely be worth your time.






kitten or owner.

password - yours only

opened 04/14


owners: 8/10
LOREM ipsum dolor
sit amet





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Taengsic 4 years ago
Jackson is leaving
d81bdf9f5ccc1cc38a17 4 years ago
sorry, but bambam will be leaving ><
forvictory 4 years ago
applied as kim jongin
Fantascape 4 years ago
Minhyuk (B-Bomb) left, but keep my upvote! c:
MADHATTER 4 years ago
Minpha left ;;
jonginkoi 4 years ago
Can you add and reserve Sehun please?
4e3af106af57de36199d 4 years ago
Add and reserve Insoo
spacedaddy 4 years ago
lee jongsuk or kim taehyung?
oppasdiq 4 years ago
can you add woohyuk please?
DoctorKimKai 4 years ago
Hello, can you add and reserve Jongin for me, please?
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