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Once upon a time there was a pack full of pure blood wolves, but they were not normal wolves, but werewolves, they were a huge family, never have they stepped on the human ground, until one day, when one of their alfas have done it, since then the huge clan has been in a true fight, because the pure wolf blood has gotten dirty, once the human hand touched the wolf's body. The pack was shattered.

rules to abide.

one. favourite and upvote ( optional ) two. please, try to be active, i beg of you. three. no face chasing, please. four. respect your fellows, do not ignore, simply answer their questions. five. do roleplay is grouops.  six. leaving? hitarus? pleas tell the admins.

author's note.

Oana Says — This is a third point of view / detailed point of view roleplay, alternate universe, based on the life of a werewolf.



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