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sh¡ts & g¡ggles

You know... life can be pretty ty sometimes. During times like this, you want some giggles and stuff to make things better. Then there are times when you do things for the funnies. Welcome to s and giggles. P.S. We are not a crack place. 




1. This is a nonau rp.

2. We allow internationals here. If you want a character, please comment below. Reservations last for 24 hours.

3. Have a dp within 24 hours of acceptance. If not the admins will post one for you. It wouldn't be something you like.

4. Respect everyone here. Do not be rude. Do not bully or pressure people here.

5. We allow , yuri, and straight. However, keep the minimal because we want everyone to have a chance here.

6. No facechasing. Talk to everyone. If you cannot for reasons like you're busy, put it down in your status or wall somewhere. That way people understand.

7. We allow marraiges and pregnancies. No mpreg though. Marriages are allowed after two months of dating.

8. Detailed first and third pov is allowed here.

9. No one liners here. People don't want that.

10. Favoriting is mandatory. Upvoting will be highly loved.

11. Ƿassword: sketch city of a nation

12. Stay active, especially in the rooms. If you are inactive, we will put an "x" next to your name. If you have three strikes, we will remove you from the rp.

13. Let the admins know when you're leaving or going on hiatus.

14. IC drama is okay. OOC is not. If serious, we will remove you from the roleplay.

15. If you want a second character, you must have at least 250 points.

16. is allowed in walls and pm.

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SJV1144 3 years ago
I'll be on hiatus from 10 to 20
anonymous88 4 years ago
Youngji is leaving, thanks for having me.
DamnDaehyun 4 years ago
I'm leaving guys, next rp you make ill pop in
shinrin-yoku 4 years ago
moonbyul is leaving.
-traplord 4 years ago
Gyuri left.
blossoms 4 years ago
Jieun has left, I'm so sorry ;-;
acuteassmess 4 years ago
Sowrie, Irene left :(
-empire 4 years ago
seolhyun left, sorry
marcellasne 4 years ago
jessica left, i'm sorry ;;
got really busy in rl
InsaneforBangtan 4 years ago
Chanyeol left
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