Finding Love || 3rd POV AU || New, Open, and Accepting! || Matchmaking rp! || Come and join in on the fun!

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Finding Love

Hello there! Welcome to Finding Love, where you will be paired up to help you find the one that you love. We like to make sure that everyone is happy, and welcome here. The admins will welcome you and make sure you will feel at home here! So drop by, say hi and maybe even stay for a while. 


Open & Accepting! 



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Prettyinpurple19 3 years ago
sorry Seolhyun is leaving not active enough
-lavelycode 3 years ago
Hyosung left, sorry ;;
cutegozi 3 years ago
Chanyeol left
_bluesky_ 3 years ago
Daehyun left, sorry.
babypotato 3 years ago
can i have miss a's jia?
love_soyeon 3 years ago
Please add Dal Shabet's Jiyul for me! :3
dragonmask 3 years ago
Can you add DGNA's InJun?
[comment deleted by owner]
xicewolf 3 years ago
Can you please add 4minute's Jihyun? <3
[comment deleted by owner]
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