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Everyone is able to earn their original position back once you move through the hierarchy. Completing tasks and earning points will enable you to become eligible to unlock the position of your choice. The position you unlock belongs to the one who unlocked it. You must change ranks in the order of the hierarchy.
If you wish to be a royal you must notify Soohyuk and be voted in to earn your rank. Examples of locked positions are Empress, Prince & Princess, Park King & Queen, etc.  The gambling room  is free for everyone to use as a way to earn points faster
CHAOS is what brought the Yuan Empire into turmoil. The blood of the army rests underneath the soil of the palace. Previous Emperors and Kings have ruled their palaces with an iron fist while others wanted to restore peace and happiness. As history has revealed, the hearts of our people are not won over by peace and happiness alone. Only the empire as a whole can restore order once again.
In the empire, one is allowed to change ranks by taking on various tasks. Completing the tasks and earning points will enable you to unlock the rank of your choice. Changes in ranks will be in accordance with the hierarchy. The rank that is unlocked belongs to those who have unlocked it. To be a royal, notify the admins in order to be voted in to the rank. Everyone will be able to earn the original rank back after moving through the hierarchy. The ranks will not be set until couples have been formed. It is one's duty to to work alongside your greatest ally or your worst enemy to earn your rank in the empire.
Name. Name. Name. Name. 


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SeoulVibes 3 years ago
Emperor is back
SatinDoll_LXIX 3 years ago
Sorry, keep my upvote though :/
Thanks for having me, I loved it here a lot tbh :/ I am really really sorry :(
rogue_knight 3 years ago
Kim Jongin left the rp. Sorry, school has started to get hectic so I am unable to keep up with everything. I had an awesome time here and Thank you so much for having me here.
Sleepy_Min_Suga 3 years ago
Im sorry but Taehyung is leaving :( i had a lot of fun rping here, so thanks :)
TLMMSRP 3 years ago
i hit the wrong button for sungjong, can you accept me back please?
wannawink 3 years ago
Hello, Jungkook has left :(

To Sooyoung and Jimin: Sorry that we didn't get the chance to put our plots into action, but I just wanted to let you guys know that you're awesome!

To Admins: I'm sorry that I have to leave but this is a great idea for an rp! It's just that I have so many things to juggle right now and I'll be going on vacation soon too so I have to leave some of my rps. In the future though, I might be back so until then, good luck with everything! And also, keep the upvote! (:
Sleepy_Min_Suga 3 years ago
Taehyung is back from hiatus
piglet-chan 3 years ago
kiko left.
venitempus 3 years ago
Baekhyun is leaving.I have some issues OOC and I am pretty busy. I am sorry. Good luck with the rp ;; <3
Sleepy_Min_Suga 3 years ago
Taehyung is going on hiatus again from July 23rd to 28th
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