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A place forever Winter


( a third pov, fantasy, auroleplay )


Ten years ago, a handful of crazy scientists have created a series of monsters 

little children. Now those children have grown up and daughter of the head 

scientist, Jessica, has taken the laboratory after her mothers death and is 

continuing the studies peacefully. But what if she's secretly plotting revenge,  

she be able to get the help of the other experiments?

















  beautifully simple




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Foxy-the-Spacefox 1 year ago
name : Park Jiyeon.
role : experiment.
group : wolf.
age : nineteen.
species : Siberian husky.
power : telekinesis.
fireandfury_risen01 8 years ago
I summited! yeah! :D
Yukibara220 9 years ago
I'm sorry but Taemin is going to leave since this place is really quiet *bows* i hope you have the best of luck in the future though
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