❝Request, Plot, Roleplay❞ ▲ au and nonau universe, come share your plots; it is possible to have group plots as well ▼ all-pov and genre rp. ▼ new face

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request, plot, roleplay。
request, plot, roleplay。
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welcome to the place you can drop your plots off on. all you have to do is join and wait for someone to take your plots.  we welcome everything so feel free to give us a chance. you will be given a main account which shall be used to discuss plots with the people around here and to roleplay, all you need is to ask for a new character.
other than no ooc drama and  respect, we don't ask for much. please concider no one liners as well because that kills the mood. fill the application and that's all we ask from you.
for your main account, you only need to add: + pov; + type of pairings (, yuri, straight, all) and for the characters, apply with their names.


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TokidokiHelloKitty 2 days ago
I'd like to join and can you c and p the rules?
PurpleAnon 1 week ago
I'd like to join.
momokrystal [A] 1 week ago
Kenyonce 2 months ago
I'm here to join~
ybakura 2 months ago
I would like to join. Not sure how the process works
JoeJoker 3 months ago
tyong- [A] 4 months ago
- revamping
tyong- [A] 4 months ago
- revamping
tyong- [A] 4 months ago
- revamping
tyong- [A] 4 months ago
- revamping
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