✉ ℒivinℊ Iℕ Tℎℯ ℋℴusℯ ║ ☑Yaℴi ℴnly♂ ║ ☑Au ║ ☑ℳatch-ℳaking ║ JOIN 《pairing people as soon match comes, don't be afraid to join》║ 82 CHARACTERS║✉ EVENT 《》║we have reached 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY wow!

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ℒivinℊ Iℕ Tℎℯ ℋℴusℯ
ℒivinℊ Iℕ Tℎℯ ℋℴusℯ
✉ ℒivinℊ Iℕ Tℎℯ ℋℴusℯ ║ ☑Yaℴi ℴnly♂ ║ ☑Au ║ ☑ℳatch-ℳaking ║

Living in the house is the tv show that shows up every midnight on TV. 
Many different people, with different backgrounds meet in a mansion. They live there until they get matched with someone. When they get matched they get moved to a different place. And that different place is surprise for them.
Just few people get nice ,big house... many of them get weird places to live. Well not that weird it can be just small apartment.
 The thing is that the matched couple has to live there and
be watched with few cameras.

If you have any problems with your partner pm the main admin.
There is no waiting in matching people. If admin thinks that there is someone who will fit you, you will get matched right away.
After a week you will get asked if you want to keep your partner or change him.

Isn't it interesting? How do you think you will live there? Who will cook and clean the house? Who will come back home late at nights after some party or a job? How the relationship will change after a week? Will they give up on each other or keep living together for the next week?
F = 00
M = 00
O = 00
001. only #sorrynotsorry. 002. no OOC drama. IC drama is okay though. and other stuff are allowed if both people agrees to it. Favorite the roleplay it's a must. 003. Two characters are allowed, but you can get the next one after a week and we first will look if you were active in that week. 004. If You have questions? Just comment below. upvotes are really loved. 005. NO ONE LINERS I'm serious. Really really serious if it's spam / ooc/game/wishlist... room then it's okay, but if it's a room where you're roleplaying cafe /house /mansion.. I will give you a warning. Three warnings and you're out .. 006. You get inactive after 14 days. You get two warnings before getting kicked out. If going on hiatus pm admins and say until when. 007. Reservations are only for 24 hours. After you get accepted update your description and dp. 008.  is allowed in rated rooms. Password is from what group(solo/actor/model..) is your character?.  009. Mpreg is allowed when you reach 3000 points . But there won't be any people who will play babies you will just make baby description in your description and just roleplay with your lover simply like that. 010. 1ST DETAILED AND 3RD POV. ROOMS ARE FOR A REASON GUYS. 011. do not delete posts or comments, we respect your change of mind so you can just fix yourself and it will be ok.  012. you receive a warning once you delete memory layout. if you did not come here to stay and make memories well... it's okay if you get kicked out right? admins put lots of work in the events and collecting memories that are nice to look back after a while.
valentine ended.
wedding ended.
secret santa ended.
5 year anniversary ended.
Online event ended.
valentine choco ended.
wedding of kim eli & han jisung
secret santa ended.
halloween ball ended.
4 year anniversary ended.
easter ended.
decorating christmas tree ended.
Secret santa ended.
3 year anniversary September ended.
marvel/dc pool party ended.
spring awards ended.
white day ended.
love yourself ended.
cozy night ended.
secret santa ended.
halloween ball ended.
summer festival ended.
spring event ended.
activity check ended.
cinema night ended.
roses event ended.
secret santa event ended.


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Dezzling 1 week ago
Hello, can I have nct"s Ten?
campfire 1 week ago
hi. can I have svt's kim mingyu as my 2nd?
cardinal 1 week ago
Can I get a Lee Jaehyun of the boyz? ^^ his stage name is Lee Hyunjae but anything will do~
YeolMun 2 weeks ago
Can i get park chanyeol as my second?
Latte_ 3 weeks ago
I would like all my characters on hiatus please
laybintao 3 weeks ago
can I have nu'est's Minhyun?
gemini_ash 3 weeks ago
Leaving Noh Yoonho but keeping wonjae :)
campfire 3 weeks ago
can I have svt's jeonghan?
JongtaefreAk 3 weeks ago
Can I have juyeon
From the boys pls*^
raynereign 3 weeks ago
Hi, I'm going to be leaving Seungwoo. I'm very sorry, but I'm in grad school and it's eating all my time
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