Armament: Enchanted Arms.

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The year is X847. It has been ten years since a strange phenomenon has taken hold of the world. The ability to manifest ones soul has become increasingly more common. Two skills can develop from this ability, Magic and 'Armistry.' As it implies, Magic allowes one to exert their will over the natural laws that govern our world. Through the use of 'mana,' a natural energy existing in all living beings, one is able to effect the world around them. Armistry is the art of summoning magical armaments to aid one in combat. An expert would be able to to summon special armaments known as 'enchanted arms' which possess magical abilities unique to the wielder. Those who use these powers, known as Armists, are gathered and trained at a special schools as Armament Training Facitilities or ATFs. One well known ATF has a bad reputation of bringing up troublemakers. This school is the  Nagoya Training Facility.

OriginalStory, Anime, FalseTimeline, Open.


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