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if you do

니가 하면 다 맞는 말이 돼 니가 하면 난 이기지 못하는데 갑자기 넌 딴 사람이 돼 좋을 때 더 나를 불안하게 해 내가 하면 넌 내가 하면 뭔 말만하면 넌 매일 헤어져 내가 더 다가가지 못하게 더 사랑하지 못하게 해.

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if you do it always becomes the right words. if you do i can never win. suddenly, you become a different person. when we get along well i get more nervous. if i do, if i do. if i say something, you always say 'let's break up' so i can't get any closer. can't deepen my love for you. this place is for the rejected. the broken and the hurting. if you do roleplay is here to rekindle what you thought you've lost. .


001 // Favourite and upvote the roleplay - this is a must!
002 // You must be active! After a total of 7 days, the inactive sign will appear on your profile. You will be receiving two warnings before we have to reluctantly let you go.
003 // Absolutely NO FACECHASING OR GODMODDING - any signs of this will lead to an automatic kick out..
004 // Be active in rooms please, it will encourage other people to join!.
005 // This is a only roleplay!
006 // Password: your bias name.

+ name.
+ age.
+ group.
+ timezone.
+ password.




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scenery 1 day ago
hello may i ask something?
oppasdiq 1 day ago
excuse me / c OUGHS can you add kim kibum pls
yoongsnipps 2 days ago
yoongsnipps 2 days ago
hit me up with kim joonmyun as my second pls
elisam21 2 days ago
Please slap wonho with semi-hiatus
My heart aches cause I left some rps that were dear to me and I need some time to process everything~ so I'll be on and off for a while. Thanks admins^^
CuzJiKookHasJams 3 days ago
Is Jungkook available?
ltm1807 5 days ago
can I reserve Lee Taemin ~?
-trash 6 days ago
cha hakyeon of vixx please
handbrake-- 6 days ago
add and reserve NCT's jungwoo please. :)
obscuresanity 1 week ago
do you need first and last name?
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