WAR OF ENTERTAINMENTS — it's back and it's better — be a trainee(/idol) or a fan — unlock activities — OPENED 16june2016

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time to


    Grab your chance and apply at one of the four top entertainments. You want to become part of a group? A soloist? Whatever it is, your dream can come true.
      Work hard because you will have to earn points in order to improve your skills and make it to the top (and debut lol).

    —find out more, HERE

    What are idols without fans? Nothing. Maybe one day you will try your luck but currently you are a citizen without fame. But a big job.
     You are the one who helps your favorite idols and groups to succeed. But that of course is not all, it'd be boring, wouldn't it?
    There are various activities for fans to stay entertained and in touch with their idols!

find out more, HERE


Okay so this is an AU roleplay and entertainment based. But there's also the possibility to be a fan (highly encouraged).
The whole idol thing is based on a point system (check out the trainee chapter) so that you actually have to do something in order to debut and have good skills. I will put together bands but you can also be a soloist. Check the trainee chapter for detailed info on how this works
Fans can be any age and have any job etc but there will be some activities for you guys as well so you could support idols. And yeah
I just wanna fill this spot here but idk what else to say lol


—opened: 16 June '16
—come and join!



here's the former poster

trainee/idol count: 02
fan count: 00


coded by edelweiss


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BABYelfArmy_Fan 1 year ago
Can you add Vernon of seventeen please? ^^
LadyStoneheart 1 year ago
Hello, hi! Could you please add and reserve Hyorin from Sistar? Thank you in advance.
seduisant 1 year ago
oh god– this roleplay has actually returned? jesus, my tears .. please add in bangtan’s jimin! thank you.
taenylove 1 year ago
Where's the socia media room?
swampert 1 year ago
I would like to request J.G. And I could be a co-admin if you like.
sonicapocalypse 1 year ago
Gah. The idea for this RP is super nice, but I don't know if who should I apply as between RV's Joy and Seulgi - and which company should I sign up for. Please help. xD
ChrisJokerQuin 1 year ago
you looking for a coadmin?
:P, anyways can you add Luhan.
RoyalGuard 1 year ago
Add and reserve hmmm...
Kai or Jungkook?
ILoveHyunBin_ 1 year ago
you got yourself 4 characters?? :0 wowww
live_evil 1 year ago
Add & Reserve Seolhyun, please.
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