Immortal Love!! Newly Opened RP! I see you reading me! Please open me up and take a look! We needs some friends for Sehun/Krystal/Nayeon! We can't leave them to die lonely. Many spots avialables! We need some hotties for FB!

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Immortal  Love


December 14. All credits go to Flamzfox for letting me use her theme for this roleplay! check her out if you haven't. 

DECEMBER 15. PICK YOUR RACE: HALF BLOOd, vampire, or human? only you can chose your path.

for generations it's been told that vampires are only told in fairy tales. that it would be imposible to coexist with them because they are blood demons from hell. But one night you go out for a walk in the city, you feel eyes on you and as you turn around you see a boy staring at you with his  red eyes shinning undering the moonlight. everything changed when you first ENCOUNTERED him, everything you knew about vampires where lies told by society to keep them from ever being known to the world. 

one. respect all admins and everyone else.
two. all ual orientations are allowed.
three. no bullying ALLOWED!
four. Change of character is allowed only 1 time! Notify the aDmin(before changing)
five.Dating ban is only for 5 dayS.pregnancy & mp is allowed 1 kid per couple is enough!
  1. go to the master list and see who is available!
  2. comment below who you want to be.
  3. password(SONG)
  4. wait till admins accept you. you have 48 hours to add the admins.
  5. sub and upvote!
  6. background/AGE/vampire,halfblood, or human.
  7. facebook name should be like"Jinhwan(IL)" THATS A MUST!
  9. click on the VAMPIRES to join the groups! or I will add you to them.



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