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"Welcome to the beginning of the rest of our lives."
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Created Jan. 8th, 2015 — Reopened Aug. 10th, 2018 — Total members: 64
Grand ReOpening — August 10, 2018.
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About the Roleplay
prel·ude /ˈprelˌ(y)o͞od,ˈprāˌl(y)o͞od/ — an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important.

Welcome to the beginning of the rest of our lives! Prelude is a NONAU (meaning you are a busy idol/actor/model——also means NO MPREG), only (just the boys) rp where you will meet the people who will define the rest of your life.

This is just the beginning...

Rules and Guidelines
Rule 1 — No face chasing, no mpreg, no internationals (asians only) NO FEMALES
Rule 2 — Both povs allowed.
Rule 3 — Talk to everyone; Make them feel welcomed.
Rule 4 — 7 days before inactivity. One warning, then 48h before you’re kicked.
Rule 5 — Make sure to respect roleplayers’ preferences.
Rule 6 — allowed in rated rooms, walls, pm, but keep it out of non rated rooms and the chat. is forbidden, immediate kick out if it’s seen.
Rule 8 — Password is your current color mood.
Rule 9 — Crack is popular right now, but don’t overdo it.
Rule 10 — ic drama is allowed but keep it to a minimum and out of the chat. If you are caught fighting or making drama you will be warned once and if it continues you will be removed.
Rule 11 — Dating ban of 1 week, marriage ban of 1 month. Get to know your partner.
Rule 12 — Comment when leaving or going on hiatus—max hiatus is 1 month.
Rule 13 — Max of 2 characters but your first character must have 600 posts and have been here for two weeks. Comment the name of your 1st character along with your desired 2nd. You can change characters twice.
How to Apply:

1 — Favorite is a must; upvote optional.
2 — Read all the rules carefully
3 — Check the masterlist and comment for the desired character
4 — If you aren’t accepted within 48hrs let us know

The Application:

Name — Ex. Nam Woohyun.
Group — Ex. Infinite.
Timezone — Ex. GMT-5.
Password — Find it in the rules
What number is missing in the rules?
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lillylilly 48 minutes ago
add & reserve lee hyunjae for me please~
liliosa 13 hours ago
Left both of my characters
Imagrumpycat 2 days ago
kim sehyoon pls.
horr0x 2 days ago
mmm min yoongi
pickles 4 days ago
don't wanna hog the chara so changkyun is leaving
good luck with the rp
[comment deleted by owner]
Eutphorai 1 week ago
please add and reserve kim donghan please?
raikou 1 week ago
yixing took his leave, thank you
fluffmeister 1 week ago
uhhh milo gtg ig
bbeanfluff 1 week ago
dropped xinchun but i’m keeping dinghao oofs
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