chained up。 ↳ jail au rp. all orientations. open&accepting. *!REMINDER: CELL PAIRINGS BEGIN TODAY!*

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about us
Jail... it's a word and a place that everyone knows. If your smart, you would stay out of trouble. But what if you could out run your chances of going to jail? Hm? DId it work? Well clearly not or else you wouldn't be here. Welcome to S.Korea's most secure prison. 

Don't think you can escape the prison because you can't. Rather you're here because you killed someone, got caught stealing, , or anything else. You're in Jail and you can't leave. So get used to your new home because you're gonna be here for a while. This is Jail, there will be drama, lies, deaths, and who knows what else. Prepare yourself, this is nothing like the life outside you knew.
01. Favorite the rp, upvotes are not needed but are loved if given!
02.for plotting purposes please at least set up a profile within 2-4 days. godmoding deaths or SUICIDE of other RPERS is ALLOWED.
05. no OoC drama is allowed but ic drama is fine.
06. THE password is: life
07. stay active and have fun ! the inactive sign pops up after five days. 

EXTra note:
Depending on what your in for will be what cell you will be in. reminder! : it doesnt have TO be one of these to be placed in the cell! these are to just give you a general idea 
Cell A:Violence,murder,ion
Cell B: , gambling, kidnaping, human trafficing/slavery, theft
Cell C: Framed, drug dealing, protesting, damaging/disturbing the public
If you have any questions about anything just make sure to let us know !

full name
Reason in jail

01-11-16:we are finally back and now open and accepting !
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thanks for the stay, tho!
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