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about us

This island is unknown to society mainly because when people come, they can never leave. They don’t even know how they get here, they are being drugged and brought here for whatever reason. The HUMANS and KITSUNES that are brought here come from different backgrounds and different races but one thing they have in common: DANGER of being enslaved by God knows who. From VAMPIRES to WEREWOLVES, ANGELS to DEMONS, INCUBUS TO SUCCUBUS; the HUMANS and KITSUNES lives in FEAR but some get quite close to these creatures. It will just depend on whether or not you have what it takes to survive. 


one. Favorite is a must. Upvote is appreciated.
two. STAY ACTIVE! there will be activity checks. Semi-Hiatus 1 month. Hiatus 2 months. If you come online with an inactive sign, please take the time to get rid of it with a post. 
three. IC drama is loved. OOC drama will not be tolerated. Let admins know if there is a problem so we can solve it immediately. We don't believe in kicking people out but getting to the bottom of the issue. 
four. Talk to everyone. Nobody likes roleplayers who face chase.
five. No preg/mpreg. Couple listing is banned for at least two weeks. It takes out the fun if you tie yourself down the first week you are here. [ has no limits]
six. all orientations are allowed.
seven. first and third pov is allowed.
eight. everyone is welcome. kpop, jrock, krock, co-op [if its a thing] and crock, all actors, models, and anyone else.
nine. comment below for the character you want. check the masterlist first to make sure the desired character is available. You must be 18 or older to join.
ten. There are no chara limits just please keep them all active.
eleven. please make a bio and put up a display picture after you are accepted. send a pm to an admin if you want help with your display picture or application. 

twelve. and the most important rule HAVE FUN!!!

how to join

password: creature you like

Were you referred? If so, by who?

Are you 18+ in real life?


Available Creatures: Humans, Kitsune, Incubus, Succubus, Demon, Fallen Angel, Hybrid, Mage, Zombie, Vampire, Werewolf, Siren, Zombie

Must favorite or your application will be denied.



19.01.19  Auction results posted
11.01.19   Auction 19 Started
18.11.18   Auction results posted
12.11.18   Auction 18 Started
08.11.18   Updated & Add rooms
13.08.18   Auction results posted
16.08.18   Auction 17 started
02.08.18   Mini event
06.07.18   Auction 16 started

23.06.18 Re-opened. reserve your characters today!


24.03.16 Grand re-opening.
04-05.04.16 Auction ongoing.
06.04.16 Posting of the winning bidders .


15-17.04.16 Auction ongoing.

18.04.16 Posting of the winning bidders.

27-29.04.16 Auction ongoing.

30.04.16 posting of the winning bidders.

21-23.05.16 Auction ongoing.

24.05.16 posting of the winning bidder.

22.05.16 back for being a Rated M RP.

10-12.06.16 Auction ongoing.

13.06.16 posting of the winning bidders.

30.06.16 Strict implementation of rules.

05-08.06.16 Auction on going and buying for the reserves/kitsune. 

09.07.16 Announce Winner 7
24.07.16 New Main admin
27.07.16 Bidding 8[OPEN]
31.07.16 Announce Winner 8
15.08.16 Game room is Open
25.08.16 Bidding 9 [OPEN]
29.08.16 Announce Winner 9
04.09.16 [UPDATES] Hybird can have up to three race
11.09.16 Bid 10 [OPEN]
13.09.16 Announce Winner 10

27.09.16 Activity Check

24.09.16 Bid 11 [OPEN]

28.09.16 Bid 11 [CLOSED]
16.10.16 Halloween Event
01.12.16 Bid 12
09.12.16 Bid 13
25.03.17 Bid 14 [OPEN]
30.03.17 Bid 14 [CLOSED]
10.05.17 Bid 15 [OPEN]
14.05.17 Bid 15 [CLOSED]



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LadyofGalifrey 23 hours ago
I dropped Chloe, Levy and Amber but I’ll keep my other two
-despondency 1 day ago
Can I have Kim jongdae?
PrinceJuine 3 days ago
Sorry, Jihoon is going to dip! Thanks for the stay. <3
mamita 6 days ago
phoebe is gonna dip, thanks for the stay, sorry it was short!
ayumi13 1 week ago
Moonbyul please
comawhite 1 week ago
can i request Kyuho Lee please?
wrapperldh 2 weeks ago
jongdae dipped
peptobismol 2 weeks ago
ten isn't active enough . rip sorry.
mamita 2 weeks ago
can i please reserve tina halada?
reversejealousy 2 weeks ago
is it possible to come back as Shin Oumura?
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