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main page


 Doesn't matter if we've gone too far 
 Doesn't matter if it's all okay 
 Doesn't matter if it's not our day 

rules and how to join

 001  favorite the thread and get 200 points, upvotes are much loved and appreciated  002  Reservations last 48 hours. after you apply immediately go to the check in room to get your abo status. this applies for both students and teachers  003  ooc drama and throwing shade is strictly forbidden. you'll be either asked to clean up your act or leave. same goes for any , , or ia.  004  inactivity is set for a month, but let's keep this place alive. don't be a wallflower and post as often as you can and build up your points  005  two characters per head at 500 points as long as they're from different groups. rp-ing as pups aren't allowed yet  006  dating ban of 4 days and pups will not be allowed until after your character's heat. for now, only up to 2 pups  007  leaving or hiatus? please make sure to leave a comment  008  the password for the app is the name of the school. 

 application for students 

full name . age [18 to 22] . pack . brief personality . password
 application for teachers 

full name . age [23 and up] . pack . brief personality . subject [list] . password

"The purpose of assigning an abo status is to keep all omegas from being feminine and all alphas from being jerks. in the application, tell us about your character first. who he is doesn't change once he's assigned a position. it's very possible to have manly omegas who give birth and gentle alphas who impregnate. your abo status does not determine your position in bed. you can be an alpha who bottoms or an omega who tops, but only omegas can get pregnant and only alphas can impregnate"







featured members






about us

 MOON SCENT  Nestled in dark underbrush and lined in cobblestone pathways lies Azrael prep, a school created solely for the purpose of teaching werewolves to harness their true nature. here you will discover your status as an alpha, beta, or omega and will be prepared for your place in society. the werewolf species is a limited one and rebuilding the lineage is important, so breeding is above all else. here, you'll find that not everyone fits the mold You thought they did... and that life is full of twists you may never expect.

You're  here at azrael prep because you don't fit in – because you want a family, a place to call your own – because you must learn our way of life. you've hit the age of breeding, and with that, you must grow into the position you're destined for. get ready to make friends, fall in love, and perhaps encounter enough drama to keep things all too interesting. class is in session – now don't be late.


news and updates

2/19/2016 thanks to the lovely oneiric, 'moon scent' is undergoing their first layout revamp. she will be editing this place's theme to fit the aesthetic wonder she had in mind. please support her efforts and talent by checking out some of her work. here and here.

 2/13/2016 Nam laoreet lectus risus, nec scelerisque lorem pulvinar sit amet. Pellentesque cursus elit magna, in consequat nulla commodo at. Mauris porta mi justo, at rutrum augue euismod sit amet. Cras at congue tellus, interdum commodo sapien. Phasellus id leo ligula.

 2/14/2016 Aenean fringilla dictum elit vel tincidunt. Donec commodo tincidunt arcu, eu pulvinar nisi posuere vitae. Proin lobortis ut metus eu ultricies. Nulla vitae condimentum nibh, et malesuada quam. Mauris ultrices lectus neque, vitae tristique felis suscipit sed. Nulla pellentesque lobortis luctus. Proin eget nulla vitae nunc pulvinar imperdiet. Integer at vestibulum ex, id posuere nisi. Fusce mollis nisl quis lorem viverra, eget viverra nulla vulputate.


 ONGOING EVENT  heat cycles. Our heat cycles will be spread between certain members of the packs. Every week, we will introduce a new cyle until every wolf has undergone heat, rut, or an itch. This should take around 3 to 4 weeks, and then the cycles will slow down to either monthly or bi-monthly. pay attention to the announcements for more information!

 PREVIOUS EVENT  Nam laoreet lectus risus, nec scelerisque lorem pulvinar sit amet. Pellentesque cursus elit magna, in consequat nulla commodo at. Mauris porta mi justo, at rutrum augue euismod sit amet. Cras at congue tellus, interdum commodo sapien. Phasellus id leo ligula.

 PREVIOUS EVENT  Initiation: An event centered around a fight for survival as the students are taken out into the woods and left to find their way back on their own... Using whatever resources (including each other) they had available.


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Where can I find Moon Lust?
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is this rp active?
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Can I be the Winter Shadow PAck Omega?
Jungkook_1997 6 months ago
Are you Open
fuccboiwonho 9 months ago
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Are you open?
empressoftomorrow 10 months ago
Are you open?
-Jiimbles 1 year ago
are you still open and accepting applications?
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is this active at all...?
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any hope of this getting revamped?
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