Private School Princess

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Choi Seoyeon. 

This girl is someone all girls aspire to be and all boys want to date. She is smart, funny, beautiful and rich. Though, as of late she has been becoming a little bit prissy. Her grades have started to drop and she begins to party more and waste her time. Seoyeon attends one of the most pistegious private schools in South Korea. This school is a co-ed school as they see it best that men and women learn to work together. This is all good and dandy for Seoyeon and playing with boys is one of her many passtimes.

But what happenes when a tall, alluring, handsome and rich transfer student comes to the school. The light begins to shine on this man rather than Seoyeon. Of course, being the princess she is... It bothers her greatly. The newcomer takes a liking to Seoyeon and becomes quite the flirtatious bastard. He studies very hard and hardly goes out. Will this be the start of a new love or a new hatred?



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amadeus 1 year ago
So is this a 1 on 1 strictly? Haha
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