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The Hideout is a club in downtown Seoul, it started out as a small bar, converted out of an upstairs apartment. Now it has expanded to it's own building and known for it's rebelling opposition to the mainstream ones around it.

It's a club for those who are specifically tired of being told how to act by the people around them and those watching their every move.

I'm not here to tell you how to act or how to be, all I can say is be yourself. Feel free to be someone different than who you are outside these four walls. 

Whether you want to get sloppy drunk, beef things out with another person in the Bar Fight room, have promiscuous nights with a special someone, or just simply want to chill with friends or someone new.

This just might be the place for you.  


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teatea 1 year ago
damn .. the memories
shownudes 1 year ago
Can you add shownu from monstax please?
wokhardt 3 years ago
Came back for memories. Its been 2 years since I was here and wow it's still active, I'm so surprised *claps* I will most likely be joining soon
Kwoncentrated 3 years ago
Applied as Juniel!! :)
babydoll24 3 years ago
I remember when I was here maybe last year or so. This place has grown so much and is still alive to my surprise. I am proud. Good job admin-nims.
Fallen_Love_ 3 years ago
Applied for Minwoo of boyfriend
S_CreamForMe 4 years ago
Kim Kibum is leaving, sorry
squeesh 4 years ago
after being inactive for a whopping 5 months (sorry about that, ahaha…) doojoon has finally left.
ardenjin 4 years ago
bora left sorry
lovely_krystal 4 years ago
ahri is leaving
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