SLOW ME DOWN. /// spanking new yuri au; looking for active admins to help w layouts n fancy shiz /// let's enjoy each other, ladies c:

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"after all the petals fall..."



hello hello.~ just a few guidelines:
-this is an au. have a job if you want.
-all povs are ok. 
-open world. hit me up if y'all want rooms. no request is too small (or wonderfully quirky!!) e.g. beach, supermarket, your typical squirtle kingdom
-yuri=no boys. sorry muchachos.
-reservations: 48 hrs
-keep y times in m-rated areas please. let's keep our babies' innocence in mind. 
-please try to be inclusive.
-otherwise, do whatever you want.
n' a sprinkle of notes:
-active coadmins would be really appreciated. even better if you could beautify this place w layout. (i'm on mobile 24/7 --> it's a strug) please talk to me if you can help out!!
-pw: yer fav brand of ice cream

le ㅡ tiffany ㅡ name ㅡ name





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mansherry 3 years ago
can i be nayeon? :)
imtoogayforthis 3 years ago
May I request CL? 0.0
Exolkai88 3 years ago
Can I request Jeon Somi from IOI please?
self-love 3 years ago
Also I'd gladly help be an admin fam
self-love 3 years ago
Are internationals allowed?
waterdroplets 4 years ago
i can't choose between sana, momo and seolhyun ;;
gospel 4 years ago
hani left.
bumbum 4 years ago
add and reserve mamamoo's wheein for me please!
kagaki 4 years ago
Can you reserve lee sunmi from wonder girls?
[comment deleted by owner]
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