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under the starry night

about the roleplay
Tired of joining non au's that dies after a few months or so? Those fast paced rps that gets you lost and ends up being left out unintentionally or an old rp that makes you feel a bit left out because they already have this kind of bond. Looking for a place that by the end of the day you can come to and just chill and just someplace to call home. Then UTSN is a place for you. Come join and be part of this smol family. Make friends, fall blindelessly in love, get wasted by the pool with someone, sing till you can't sing anymore in the karaoke room, get married, be an animal. Just name it!


Isn't it romantic to be with your love uder the stars- talking, laughing, giggling, taking some random out of your heart? Isn't it amazing- you and him, alone together, turning back against the world even just for a while?  Isn't it quite an oppotunity- to speak yourelf out on what you feel, the love you kept? The amount of feeThose stars are the evidences of your love- though someimtes those stars is him, so close yet too far to reach.

But LOVE doesn't really mean about you having a special feeling towards someone.It is sometimes- always, its FAMILY.




all orientations

3rd & 1st pov

open and aceepting

self-paced rp

we're high sorry

most wanted
scroll down
henry lau
☆ lee taeyong
☆ more people
☆ you
☆ yes you

roleplay updates
established, 15.08.16
halloween revamp, --.--.--
Update here, date.
Update here, date.
Update here, date.
Update here, date.

population | 112

rules & regulations
RULE 1: favorite the rp and it ensures the spot of your desired character. however, upvote is optional but is highly appreciated.

RULE 2: leave a comment of your desired character down the comment section for further reservation. reservations last in 48 hours(2 days).

RULE 3: only 3 characters per soul. we will let you reserve up to three characters when joining. 4th will be attained when your 1st character will reach 1k points. 5th character will be then decided by the admins, if you wanted to have one.

RULE 4: we accept asian-blooded characters. western artists are not allowed at the moment, we're sorry.

RULE 5: is allowed preferrably in rated m rooms, walls, and pms. do not ualize minors.

RULE 6: ic dramas are accpeted but keep it to a minimum. we will tolerate ooc dramas as long as you do it in the rant room.

RULE 7: facechasing is not tolerable. we will give you a warning when that happens. creating a scene isn't tolerable too. two warnings, the admins will kick you out. please talk to people and be friendly.

RULE 8: "inactive" sign will show after 10 days. we will give you a warning when it shows. inability to reply after 24 hours, we will remove your character. though, you can join back as long as you want. paswword is your favorite song.

RULE 9: dating ban and wedding ban are present. dating ban will expire when you reach 500 points + a week of activity; 2000 points for wedding ban.

RULE 10: have fun, spread love!

application form
ask one of the admins to reserve a character for you. you'll have 48 hours to apply. use the application form below and make sure to fill it in correctly. if reservation expires, we'll still add it up if you wished to.

 name character
 group of character, state if solo
 timezone, in gmt
 password, found in r&r


current event | link


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aspectabund 4 hours ago
hello hello, can you please reserve jeon jiwoo for me if she is available please?
Heisenberg 7 hours ago
moonbyul pls. c;
beanle 13 hours ago
hmu with christian yu
SunbaesHoe 20 hours ago
Hello ~~~ What NCT members are available? <3

Thank you!~
habanero 1 day ago
can I reserve jinsoul?
cornflakes 1 day ago
sorry, yewon left :(
MysteryPerson 4 days ago
red velvet irene jsy
luciel--707-- 5 days ago
hiatus for kento, dean and donghae... I'll be gone for a month-
Ukiyo- 6 days ago
Can I join again? ;v;
Kenyonce 6 days ago
junsun has to go o/
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