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"everybody's broken here-- you are not special."
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section ╱ infobox
A Fantasy. Something that every human has somewhere in their brain, whether it's good or bad. Usually a fantasy is associated with children, their little imaginations running wild as they picture and draw beautiful and funny little creatures. It's quite funny how adults had "encouraged" their children into drawing them more and widening their imaginations and then continue to mock them inside their minds. Little did they know that those "fantasy" creatures that their children obsess over frequently are true. They just might be in your family, a friend, maybe even a lover. These creatures have been living amongst the humans for centuries. Why hasn't anyone figured them out? Because they were so good at hiding and masking their scents that no one has barely paid attention to any suspicions.

It was only recently until there was a small spill in their kind. A few ballsy creatures had wanted to speak up, wanted to have the humans know of their presence. Was it a good idea? No. There were too many rumors of so many creatures that most of humans lived in fear. And some creatures? Lived off of that fear of the humans. This was the point that humans were nearly officially afraid of every creature around them, weary of their surroundings. Even family. For many years, creatures have gone into hiding out of fear of the humans, some still living with them as they did not care of the consequences. It wasn't until the humans had seen no sign of any creature. It was almost as if they have disappeared off of the face of the Earth. Well. Good for them. At least, for the time being.

The year is 2037. A new year, a new generation, a new mindset. The  children are starting to imagine again. Their Fantasies are slowly coming back.
section ╱ events
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section ╱ creatures

elemental: an entity that can control different elements. if of a high enough class, can control all elements.


vampire: vampires may vary to dhamphiri's (damphires) to vampires that feed off of souls rather than blood.


yokai: japanese spirits that can either bring good or evil. they are also called ayakashi and can vary from cat-like yokai (bakeneko, nekomata, kasha, etc) to dog-like yokai (inugami).


mermaid: in this case, mermen, are very beautiful creatures. some live as humans to blend in with society, while some would rather stay in the comforts of water. the orgin of mermaids have always been beautiful creatures that lead men to their deaths, almost like siren. will you be the same?


angel: the children of god. these creatures may vary from dark angels to archangels


demon: lucifers best friends. you live off of misery and mischief, taking it wherever you go. **may vary from different forms, just specify what


grim reaper: you're the lords of death itself. you give people how long they will live and will take them people out whichever way, you may also control their life span to your liking.


werewolf: the full moon is either your enemy or your friend.


nymph: a nymph is a nature deity that is typically associated with a particular location or landform. different from other goddess, nymphs are generally regarded as devine spirits who animate nature.


fairy: fairies are human in appearance that have magical powers. some maybe more powerful than witches, while some can only do certain things. they all have beautiful wings that you have the choice of retracting and or hiding.


elf: elves are usually associated with ual threats, seducing people and causing them harm. elves have to been thought of as a group of beings with magical powers and supernatural beauty, ambivalent towards everyday people and capable of either helping or hindering them.


dragon: the rarest of them all. dragons have been on the brink of extinction for many of years. dragons may vary from europeon dragons, which are depected as reptilian creatures with animal-like intelligence, four legs and a detached set of wings or chinese dragons (w/ counterparts of japan, korea and other east and south asian countries), which are depicted as serpentine creatures with above-average intelligence, four legs and no wings. **if you are a chinese dragon you may choose have wings or not.


pheonix: associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. 


hybrid: someone who is half and half of any creature, even human. your powers vary from strong to weak, that only depends on what you can control.


raiju: thunder animals/beast, legendary creatures from japanese mythology whos bodies are composed of lighning. they may shape into cats [domestic or wild], foxes, weasels, or wolves.


siren: often women, in this new day and age male siren have been coming around lately. no one knows how, but they do know that their enchanting voices and looks are even more dangerous than the women.


shapeshifter: these creatures are also quite rare. shapeshifters are "humans" who can shift into any human or animal that they please. there are also some rare cases that they could change into any mythical being that they want.


ghost: the undead, apart from the vampire. these are the only other species that cannot die for they are eternally dead, haunting people or places for the rest of their lives. some even still live amongst the humans, but that is hard to do as you will have to ask for a witches help to cast a spell for you to live a "seemingly" normal life.


witch/warlock/nercromancer: witches and warlocks are not much different from each other as the only difference is that witches can be good, bad, or neutral, whereas warlocks are evil completely and can only control black magic. your magic may vary from simple spells to jinx to alchemy, even all if you're that powerful.


Demi-god: minor deity, or a mortal or immortal who is the offspring of a god and a human, or a figure who has attained divine status after death.


Human: the regular person and the weakest of them all. humans may be turned into vampires if chosen and or forced to. they can also turn into ghost, angel or demon after either having their soul reaped or killed by something/natural causes -- but they will be weaker than the natural creature. and for bonus, if you are a witch or a warlock, you may train a human to become your apprentice. 

section ╱ application
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inquisitor 4 hours ago
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could i pls get choi san with the name magnus rutherford?
Freakazoid27 7 hours ago
Guarded 10 hours ago
Can we request to be anyone or do we need to pick a character from a list?
royalty- 13 hours ago
I would like to join as a vampire, but I'm not sure who to be... I don't recognize any of the existing characters either but the roleplay concept interests me lol
angelhub 15 hours ago
quick question.. where can i find the password? i looked in rules, description, and creatures.. can you tell me which section it is in? if not, it’s fine <3
angelhub 16 hours ago
heo hyunjoon under the name... i have no idea pls choose for me
raynereign 1 day ago
kang seungsik as Valor Rosewain as my third chara por favor uwu
keyboardsmash 1 week ago
hmmm what chara should i make join~
inquisitor 1 week ago
nijirô murakami as kaimana kalawai'a for third pls uwu
raynereign 1 week ago
I HAVE DECIDED. Add Yuan Hao under the name Liu Jinhai
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