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A layout gallery created by Optimusprime. Established. 19092016.
None of the pictures used are mine, credits to the rightful owners.



Year Of The Woman




Welcome to InmyselfItrust Layouts.

This place is a RPR layout gallery that will provide you of profile layouts, room layouts and once in a while also roleplay layouts. I kind of made this gallery as a personal project to keep myself busy and improve in coding.  I'm open to advise and collabs. Critics are fine, but keep the bashing to yourself. Don't like my work then you're free to leave this place. I will be working with themes whenever I feel highly inspired by someone or something. I'm currently not hiring any coders because like I said this is just a one man project. If you have any questions feel free to contact me! 

oo1. Upon visiting this layout gallery and you're going to use one of the provided layouts, make sure to always favorite. I appreciate it very much!
002. After finding a layout to your choice, leave a comment of the one you'll be using.
oo3. Tweaking layouts is absolutely fine, but I don't recommend it because sometimes you could mess up the code or it ruins the beauty of the color scheme I had planned. 
oo4. Never use any of the layouts as a base code because that's basically "copying" someone elses work. Not cool! Being inspired by one of my layouts is fine, but do state this to avoid any drama and misunderstandings.
oo5. Never remove the credits either. If I find out you stole one of my layouts, which I definitely will, I will put you on a black list and block you. #RespectTheCoder.
oo6. As of now I won't take any requests because I don't have time to make personal layouts.


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Hehe712 2 days ago
using wild desire, Thank you!
self-love 2 days ago
Using del rey story
Hehe712 4 days ago
using Till dawn, thank you!
self-love 1 week ago
Using till dawn
tellmeyourname 3 weeks ago
using SEÑORA thanks!
harammami 3 weeks ago
using dirty diana x
tellmeyourname 3 weeks ago
using dirty diana. thanks!
tellmeyourname 4 weeks ago
using spotify. thank you!
Rubberducky_ur_the_1 1 month ago
using midnight pretenders :)
febreze 1 month ago
using dirty diana
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