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about the roleplay

Welcome to CONTROVERSIAL! We are a mature rated, crime && mystery au roleplay that is based on events and missions. We are set in a highly realistic, modern-day Seoul. 

Here at CONTROVERSIALAs mentioned before, we are event-based. The course and story of this roleplay will revolve around the indiviudal characters and their stories, will incorporating a god or fate-like system in the forms of interactive events. Law enforcement will be tasked with finding real criminals and solving cases, while criminals will have to be on the run and avoid getting arrested and caught. The citizens here, will be caught in the crossfire, and will most often be the victims of a multitude of crimes, and can form any kind of desire relationships with both law enforcement individuals, or criminals. Events can range from things as big as a mass-shooting, a serial killer on the loose, a new drug ring, or even a disease outbreak. Eveything here is a game of luck and chance, fate and destiny. 

We are a remake of the roleplay EX NIHILO, which sadly had to shut down not long after it's creation, due to the head admin having irl issues to deal with. So we would like to give a special thanks to defiant, for allowing us to use parts of her ideas to create this beautiful roleplay. 

rules & Guidelines

001  There is a dating ban of one week.

002  Make sure to read this page, and the rule page! (you will find part 2 of the password here)

003  A second character is allowed after 500 points.

004 All dark themes are allowed, including , drug abuse, explcit , self-harm, physical abuse etc. Just make sure both people are okay with it ooc.

005 Favoriting is a must, upvoting is optional but appreciated!

006  No OOC drama & No mrpeg.

007  Make sure to keep up with announcements here, they always have important information! The first part of the password is "ex".

008  Please don't sit and wait around for someone to come to your wall, and then leave if no one does! Make an effort to approach others first.

009  Make sure to have variety and diversity! You can play almost any type of character here. This is a highly realisitc crime and mystery au, you can play as a criminal, citizen, law enforcement, or variable, so diversity is encouraged! 

010 Internationals allowed!

how to join

001 Read this whole page, and the rule page.

002 Check the masterlist and wishlist for taken and wanted characters.

003 Comment below for an admin to add and reserve your desried character. Then apply and fill out the application below in its entirety. 

application form

Name: (Full name)

Alias: (if applicable, usually criminals have nicknames/aliases, or some characters prefer to go by another name)

Age: (18+)

Zodiac: (you can change your characters birthday to a zodiac sign that fits their personality, instead of using their real birthday.)

Role: (criminal/ citizen/ law enforcement/variable/ hidden criminal/ undercover law enfocement)

Occupation: (if they aren't a full-time criminal, or if they are a citizen, they need a job, unless they are a student.)

Background: (3+ sentences)

Password: (Check rules)

. f e m a l e s


. . . m a l e s


. . . t o t a l


Nov 05, 2016 : Opening date of the rp!

Mon 00, 0000 : Morbi ut ligula quis ligula accumsan commodo a ut tellus. Vestibulum sit amet vulputate risus, eu dapibus ex.

Mon 00, 0000 : Donec vitae arcu egestas, sagittis justo a, elementum ex.

Mon 00, 0000 : Sed dapibus, nibh eget posuere condimentum, ante nisi tristique est, non vestibulum lorem nunc nec purus.

Mon 00, 0000 : Proin arcu eros, mollis ut aliquam nec, suscipit at orci. Sed convallis sapien vel dolor tempor vehicula.


our members (★ : admins)


★ chittaphon!


★ jongsuk!


★ kangjoon!


★ jongin!

★ first name!

first name!

first name!

first name!

first name!

first name!

first name!

first name!

first name!

first name!

first name!


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lovelybunny 7 months ago
Could you a&r Miyavi please
yourmalice 1 year ago
A+R Yune Sugihara please
DivinuS 1 year ago
May I please reserve Kim Taehyung?
smolbin 1 year ago
sorry wonho left..
i have lost muse:(
-BabyElf_Fan 1 year ago
Sorry Taehyung left ;-;
I'm not active here at all and I don't want to take up space
It was fun though :)
JoeJoker 1 year ago
kwangmin left
Hylight 1 year ago
Hmmm I wanna join... But as who...
I wanna be an undercover informant double crosser...
JoeJoker 1 year ago
what does event based mean?
Jarzus 1 year ago
This is so cool omg!
smolbin 1 year ago
If the roleplay is still going on can you please add and reserve Shin Hoseok (Wonho from monsta x) for me?
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