AESTHETIC FEELINGS :: reopening now!! :: under co.! :: MANY OPEN CHARACTERS ! come and join us! In need of more PEEPS

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 about the roleplay
Welcome to your Aesthetic Feelings, a place where you can rave about all your feels and be the person you want to be. Look at all the gorgeous people who come and stay (no one is going puhleez) and be free & at ease!

This is a nonau rp but that doesn't mean you have to strictly talk to those of the same entertainment company or group, socialize with everyone and make friends!

Another nonau, semi-crack/crack filled rp where everyone can be anyone and be their normal fun-loving selves. There's not much about the rp other than it being new and nonau. 

Reservation lasts 48 hours 

RULES & Guidelines TO FOLLOW
1. favorite the RP is a must, upvoting is appreciated
2. no drama ooc whatsoever, will not tolerate that BS
3. all orientations are welcome & internations
5. No facechasing please ;u;
6. Dating ban for two weeks unless you reach 350+ points before then
7. password is your ultimate bias & your favorite feature on them
8. Please respect the admins and other rpers ^^ 
9. character death and mpreg are not allowed-- just no
10. marriage/engagement ban til 2 months of being here
11. keep in pm or walls
12. inactivity sign appears after 10 days & you get 2 warnings before           getting kicked
13. if you need to go on hiatus, please let an admin know
14. You can have 2 characters from the start, can be the same gender :) a 3rd                       character is allowed after 500 points
Name: ( ex. Kim Jonghyun )
Band: ( SHINee, put n/a if you're not in one )
Orientation: Biual



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OptimusPrime 2 years ago
JB and Gray left
DamnDaehyun 2 years ago
Ahyoung left.
--startanew 2 years ago
Left Seokjin. Sorry ; ;
TrashPanda 2 years ago
Christian will be taking his leave
DamnDaehyun 2 years ago
reserve kim ahyoung pls?
TrashPanda 2 years ago
I probs shouldn't be doing this but-- a&r Christian Yu pls ♡♡
[comment deleted by owner]
--startanew 2 years ago
/rolls by.

HI..... I was Seokjin here before......... is I able to be accepted back? ouo
OptimusPrime 2 years ago
Saw the blog ad so I thought why not. Reserve Lee Sunghwa please?
blueashes 2 years ago
Taemin leaves, thank you for having him.
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