⊱ 11:11⊱ / girls only rp | 021216 | need more booties to cuddle with | growing with baby steps | do join us? psst no app forms needed! just state the pw only ♡ [CLOSED 69VER]

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about us
we are a girls only rp! thats mean we arent really fond of to hang around here!
11:11 mean that your wish would probably be granted by us and thats what our aim is!
we will let you experience various things and all you need is only to be active!
hush! we have a lot of things for you.. so do join us!
lalisa and sia!ithanks for being active and spamming the rooms orz
the running rules
1-favorite this thread 2- no facechasing. treat everyone fairly 3- please be active! we dont want to make this place as dead as other yuri rp 4- 1st pov only! some people arent comfortable to do the 3rd one. so yeah 5- dont be a to all of the girls. 6- relationship ban is a week!. marriage is only allowed after one month of relationship 7- or whatver dirty things you want to do is only allowed in the R-rated room or walls. 8- no please eue. we arent really fond of things. put your finger in your own pants 9- the pw is your favorite otp 10- we only allowed korean celebs(the foreign members of idols is allowed) 11- be friendly and active! 12- request for your desired chara after favoriting this thread.
featured' and' events
07/12-09/12 : 1st Activity check
10/12- 0000 : Guilty Pleasure aka matchmaking
23/12-25/12 : masquearade party


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BlackMoon 1 year ago
I'm new here
hobbit 1 year ago
eunha out.
hobbit 1 year ago
hi, please put my characters on a semihiatus for around a week. thank you!
creyjigurl 1 year ago
Sia's left ;-;
Thanks for having me ♡
I had a lot of fun.. gotta miss you guys
gospel 1 year ago
sohee jsy :3
kyungmi12 1 year ago
i know jennie just got here but she's leaving, tnx for everything♥
kagaki 1 year ago
Can you reserve Moonbyul from Mamamoo?
benevolence 1 year ago
aahh hani, momo or jisoo?
ichigomiruku_u 1 year ago
May you guys please add Joy?^^
forsaken_flower 1 year ago
Sangbi left <3
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