❈Tⓦⓞ Wⓞⓡⓛⓓⓢ❈ ☞ I.O.I & TWICE only! 。 come join this girls only family! 。 newly open!。DESPERATELY WANT IOI TO AT MINA | NAYOUNG IS HIGHLY WANTED!

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について about
MORE : have you ever thought of the idea
of ioi and twice together? seeing these
girls interacting with each other? here is where
the wish come true honey! come here to see
these pretty girls enjoying their life! build a
friendship, bonding time and also go through
some relationship here! but.. why two worlds?
shh.. join this crack yet loving family to
discover the mystery behind the name!
アドミン admins
main admin
name here
name here
name here
name here
ioi - dream girls
たルール rules
1- favorite this thread! 2- ioi and twice only!
3-yuri rp, duh 4- be active at least 3 times
a week. and please show your activity
e.g room posts. wall to wall and changing dps
arent counted as activities 5- no doubling!
we only have 20 charas anyway.
6- no plotting yet!. just go with the flow since
some people doesnt like plotting
7- do not create any dramas! is prohibited
here, so do not act like one!
8- welcome and interact with everyone!
make the girls feel welcome eh?
9- be active! the pw is your female otp
10-no facechasing! greet everyone so no one will feel left out. 11- dating ban is in 3 days and
you need to have 15+ posts before announcing
your relationship. 12- is in PMs.
teasing in wall is fine
応用 application
 have you read all the rules? :
have you washed up yet? :
password? :
what is rules 11 & 12? :
will you be active? :
why do you think this rp called 
two worlds? :



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forsaken_flower 8 months ago
chungha packed her bags u n u
squished 8 months ago
Mina's dipped ;-;
Thanks for having me.. i had a fun time here ♡
teenbrat 8 months ago
a&r jung chaeyeon pls
youxing 8 months ago
Add zhou jieqiong (pinky) for me
Just_Me 8 months ago
Add and reserve kim sejeong? c:
benevolence 8 months ago
aahh can i get somi?
forsaken_flower 8 months ago
Can I get chungha? :3
tokkibear 8 months ago
reserve sana please
SunbaesHoe 8 months ago
Haiii!~~~ /.\ What IOI and TWICE members are available?~ /.\ <333
hwipink 8 months ago
a&r nayeon pls
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