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In a world where everything is possible. Magical beings roaming around freely in the different kingdoms, but in the middle of everything that exist in this world was Runemore Magic Academy. The finest of all academies where only the most talented and special students get to go. Rich or poor does not matter, the only thing that does matter is if you got the spark in you. Do you have the spark in you?

We had students for decades from all the four kingdoms. We are honored to have our newcomers this year. I cannot wait to see what abilities you have come to learn through your years in life.

Are you from the cold North where they communicate with animals and control their powers with their emotions? They tend to be cold, but it is only because they might unleash their powers and hurt others. They are the most dangerous because their power is in their emotions and emotions are a great deal for one to control.

Or maybe you come from the tropical East where they use martial arts to build their inner power and energy as well as rune empowerment for amulets and talismans. They can also make runes in the air to shield and attack a target.

The heated South where the tribal shamans live. They use the energies from spirits to aid their magic. Healing blends, spirit communication and vision quests are their specialized skill.

Lastly we have the East with all the wonderful forest life. They use wands, spells, candles and the elements to make magic. A very skilled magician from the East can even change the weather.


I hope to see you soon. Apply and wait for your acceptance letter.


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